Managing PDFs in Umbraco

The Umbraco media library supports documents such as PDFs to be uploaded to and managed in Umbraco.

Umbraco will enable Editors to insert links to PDFs using the Insert Link icon in a Rich Text Editor. Such links, managed by Editors, can be either text links or images and icons, and can either open the PDF in the current window or in a separate tab.

Developers can also create structured links to PDFs, and other downloadable media, using Data Types such as the Multi-Node Tree Picker and Media Picker. These enable an Editor to associate a link between a page and PDF, this can then be rendered on a Page Template in a more uniform structured way (such as a Related Documents section of a page).

Out of the box Umbraco indexes PDF file names, so that site searches will find PDFs where a keyword is matched against a PDFs filename. However, it is possible for Developers to install plugins to enable Umbraco's internal search engine, Examine, to index PDF content.

By default, documents up to 4mb can be uploaded, but this restriction can be removed either temporarily or permanently.

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