Fixed Price Upgrades for Umbraco

If you have a site built with an older version of Umbraco 7, then unfortunately at the moment there is no way to upgrade to Umbraco 8.  But that doesn’t mean that your site won’t still benefit from an upgrade to the latest version of Umbraco 7.

Umbraco has been a go-to platform for Enterprise and Startup websites and apps for over a decade, and now early releases of Umbraco 7, some as much as 5 years old, are beginning to show their age.  However, the latest Umbraco 7 releases (currently 7.13.2) are incredibly stable, fast and secure.

An upgrade to the latest Umbraco 7 by Carbon Six Digital will inject a new lease of life into your site, ensuring your site is safe and secure, compliant with appropriate legislation, and will extend its lifetime by a substantial period of time.  

Who should upgrade?

For sites that were last upgraded prior to September 2018, upgrading to Umbraco 7.13.2 will provide protection against critical security vulnerabilities that Umbraco have previously announced.  For sites that haven't been patched for a few years, there are a number of critical security vulnerabilities that your site may be suffering from.

If your site processes personal data and hasn't been upgraded since the introduction of GDPR in April 2018, then you will also benefit from GDPR compliance in the core of Umbraco as well as Umbraco Forms.

What's included?

We will:

  • Take a copy of your existing source code and current live Umbraco site;
  • Upgrade the site to the latest stable version of Umbraco 7 (currently 7.13.2);
  • Deploy the site on our development servers for you to review;
  • Undertake a comprehensive test of the Frontend and Backend to ensure that it works successfully in Umbraco;
  • Fix any issues that arise as a result of the upgrade process;
  • Submit the upgraded code to your source code repository;
  • Apply the upgrade to your live hosting.

We won't undertake the following as part of the fixed price upgrade:

  • Resolve any issues that existed in the site before the upgrade;
  • Replace or refactor any Umbraco Plugins that aren't compatible with Umbraco 7.13.2;
  • Refactor any custom code that isn't compatible with Umbraco 7.13.2;
  • Apply the upgrade to multiple environments.

We can undertake any of these activities and can provide a quote for these as needed.


  • £750 ex VAT: Upgrade any Umbraco 7 site to Umbraco 7.13.2                        
  • £1,500 ex VAT: Upgrade any Umbraco 6 or Umbraco 4 site to Umbraco 7.13.2    

What next?

If you think your site would benefit from an Upgrade to the latest version of Umbraco 7, then call us on 01276 817465, email, or use our chat window at the bottom of the screen to get in touch.

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