Umbraco Health Check

Does your Umbraco website need an MOT? Maybe it’s misbehaving, seems buggy, or is just simply not performing as expected? Fear not, help is at hand - we’re Carbon Six Digital, Umbraco experts with Gold Partner status. Our full-site Health Check goes under the hood to audit every aspect of your site and report back on exactly what’s right - and what’s not.

Our Umbraco Health Check Service is a deep dive into every aspect of your website operation. We carry out a comprehensive review of your cloud-based website’s technical architecture, its hosting and the Umbraco CMS itself as well as any external system integrations. Once this has been completed, we provide you with a detailed report explaining our findings. This highlights the urgency of any issues found, as well as outlining the steps needed to improve your Umbraco site.

Our process

Our Health Check usually takes 3-5 days to complete, depending on the complexity of your site, and is carried out by our technical team, which includes an Umbraco Certified Master and Umbraco Certified Expert.

The key steps are:

  • Obtaining any relevant documentation associated with the site, including function and technical specs, test plans and specifications and management plans
  • Documenting the current high-level functional and technical design specification of the site, (including versions of Umbraco and Package dependencies)
  • Documenting the infrastructure used to host the site, including details of servers and their  location, as well as configuration, infrastructure and installed software
  • Obtaining the latest source code from the code repository, as well as a copy of the latest production content database, and any associated custom databases
  • Building the source code and attempting to run the site on a local developer machine, running through all key functional areas
  • Stepping through the key functional areas’ code and documenting its quality
  • Reviewing and documenting site performance from both a back end and front end perspective
  • Identifying the processes used to manage source code in the repository
  • Identifying and documenting current work in progress and any current backlog of work requests
  • Identifying and documenting the process for managing work requests as well as deployments to the production environment

The key deliverable of this piece of work is our Health Check Report which documents the key findings from above as well as providing advice and guidance on ways to minimise site ownership costs, as well as those for software and infrastructure, while maintaining performance and uptime requirements.

Case study

When a leading international client decided to transfer the support for their highly trafficked website from their existing supplier to a new Umbraco Gold Partner, they commissioned us to review it first. Our analysis found that the site was essentially sound, and well built in accordance with Umbraco best practice. But we were able to highlight significant weaknesses around processes and controls, as well as a lack of clarity about who was responsible for which elements of support. This meant there was a significant risk of delays in restoring the system if it was hit by a significant event. Our report was then used by the client to commence a process to procure new development partners for their site.

What our customers say...

Evodia Limited

"Carbon Six Digital have been excellent in supporting the migration of our existing websites away from our old supplier and in setting up two new websites. Their health check was really helpful and they have been extremely supportive throughout the process, which on occasions has been rather challenging due to the way the sites had been maintained previously. Their professional and informative approach made light work of what could have been a very difficult and disruptive process. We now feel confident that our websites are in safe hands."

Amnesty International

"Carbon Six Digital carried out a health check of our Umbraco website. This was somewhat challenging given the lack of existing documentation, and logistical challenges with providing access to the full source code. Carbon were very professional in their approach and provided a level of detail and insight that went beyond our expectations given the cost and length of the engagement. This gave us a much better of picture of the state of our website, allowing us to plan our support and development road map in a way that wasn't possible prior to the review."

What's next?

If you think your Umbraco site could use some help, email or call us now to discuss how we can help 01276 817465, email or use our chat window at the bottom of the screen to get in touch.


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