SEO friendly URLs in Umbraco

By default Umbraco supports the creation of SEO friendly URLs. Umbraco builds the URL for a page from sitemap in the back-end. For example, on the Unicorn Coffee site, you could create a Products page, and a Columbian Blend product page below it. The URL will become

Umbraco will replace spaces with hyphens. Columbian Blend becoming /Columbian-Blend/. Umbraco also has rules to replace certain characters with other replacements, e.g. schloß becomes /Schloss/.

Older versions of Umbraco required URLs to end with .aspx but this has been optional for many years and by default urls end without a suffix.

Finally it is possible for developers to completely redefine the urls of pages by hijacking the routing engine in Umbraco.

Read more about why having SEO friendly URLs is important in our blog.


If your Umbraco site needs help with creating SEO friendly URLs, contact Carbon Six Digital to see how we can help. 

Why Umbraco?

SEO Friendly URLs is just one of the many reasons why we love Umbraco. Discover the other reasons we love Umbraco like Revision Control and Group Based Permissions.

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