Financial Services

The Financial Services Sector provides the foundations to our economies, but it does so in a constantly evolving environment, and Banks, Insurers and Asset Managers need to be ready and willing to respond to the challenge. As it looks to innovate and explore fast-growing markets and consumer expectations the industry are adopting transformative technology to harness new opportunities.

Over the last 8 years Carbon Six Digital has worked with industry partners in the banking, insurance and capital markets, including FTSE 500 and Fortune 100 companies. We have experience of working both directly with companies in the finance industry and through partner agencies.

Our work has included developing digital solutions for marketing products, services and card holder rewards, compliance tracking and share trade reconciliation.

What we’ve learnt is that agencies need robust processes in order to ensure that web and mobile application development is delivered reliably, safely and in a compliant fashion. Our experience of onboarding clients with solutions delivered by other agencies is that not every agency fluent in that can build Umbraco based solutions, has the processes to meet the exacting needs of the Financial Services Sector.

Find out more about how we offer tailored technical development and design solutions for any Umbraco project with the help of a team of talented developers who know Umbraco inside-out.



Case Study: Dow Jones 30 Financial Services Firm

Working with an agency’s client to build a 4-way multi-lingual Umbraco site with the capability of being managed by non-native speakers and easily expanded in the future

Client’s challenge

We were approached by one of our agency clients to convert their customer’s existing Umbraco site to be 4-way multilingual (English, Simplified Chinese, Spanish and Portuguese). We have plenty of experience of multi-lingual using Umbraco, so we worked closely with them to understand their requirements and choose the best approach from the many different options available to them. In conjunction with their translation agency, we ensured a smooth transition from initial idea to completed site.

The key influencers in this implementation of multi-lingual Umbraco were that:

  • whilst the client was starting with 4 languages this may be added to in the future;
  • not every page would be translated on every language site;
  • the site would be managed by non-native speakers of each language.

Our solution

We recommended that the client use a separate branches approach whereby each language is effectively its own site and can have its own content, and so adding new languages is simply a case of adding a new section to Umbraco for the language content, and updating the Umbraco “Dictionary”. This approach means that there is no need for developers to get involved and the site can be managed and added to by someone in a non-technical role.

In order to create the translation-ready version of Umbraco we:

  • edited all templates and macros on the site to ensure that all English text was not hard-coded;
  • created the Umbraco Dictionary for each language;
  • created language branches of the content of the site;
  • exported XML of the content and the dictionary for use by the translation agency;
  • imported translated content and integration tested the site.

Our biggest challenge was in providing an editor interface to the Umbraco Dictionary which is normally only accessible via the Settings section of Umbraco - not a safe place for Editors to be working normally. To resolve this we used the Dictionary Dashboard package by Dennis Milandt, which as its name suggests places a dashboard on the Content section of Umbraco that editors can work with. Unfortunately that package doesn’t work in Umbraco 7, however translations are set for a big overhaul in future versions of Umbraco, but we’ll write more about that when we know more.

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