How we work

Agency work is all about people, how we orchestrate our work is our secret sauce.  In this section we'll introduce our processes in order for you to understand how we work.

We're a committed, thoughtful and process driven agency, and we aim  to achieve Waitrose-like customer service throughout any client engagement.

Delivering new projects

Our prefer to develop and configure an Umbraco CMS enabled site using an iterative, agile approach. We will identify discrete batches of functional requirements that can be designed, built, tested and moved to a staging environment for acceptance testing, and deliver each batch in an iterative manner.

In this way, during our Beta we will take the prototypes for the site, and develop a set of features in a discrete Sprint. This will involve the development of the front-end and back-end components together in a Sprint to enable the client to review the work, before we move on to the next set of features in subsequent Sprints.

Read more about our delivery processes.


Support Processes

Our focus on process doesn't stop once a project is delivered, we aim to manage the ongoing support of a site throughout it's life following industry standard ITIL processes.

Our Problem and Incident Management Process controls how we provide support for issues that arise during the life of a site we support, and is used consistently across all of our work.

Our Change and Release Management Processes manage how we reliably deliver new features and updates to your system with the minimum of risk.

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