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Security Self-audit
How safe is my Umbraco site?

How safe is my Umbraco site?

This is a simple security audit of your Umbraco site. It will look at your current version of Umbraco, when you were built, how often you update your site, and what you process in terms of personal information and sensitive data.

  • Understand key security risks affecting Umbraco
  • Learn how to reduce your risks
Marketers Guide
Composable DXP a Marketers Primer

Composable DXP a Marketers Primer

For Marketers who would like to know more about Umbraco at the core of amazing digital experiences.

  • Understand what DXP is
  • Consider composable and monolithic DXPs
  • Learn which system integrate well with Umbraco
Marketers Guide
Inheriting an Umbraco Site EBook

Inheriting an Umbraco Site

For Marketers who have recently inherited an Umbraco site.

  • Understand what you've inherited
  • Cover practicalities such as logging into Umbraco and making content changes
  • Learn what Umbraco is capable of achieving for marketers
  • Understand if your current site remains fit for purpose
Marketers Guide
Why Now Is the Time to Upgrade Your Site

Why Now Is the Time to Upgrade Your Site

For Marketers who have recently inherited an Umbraco site.

  • Guidance on how to decide when to upgrade your business’ website
  • The business benefits of upgrading your site
  • A checklist that be used to assess whether it’s the right to upgrade your site
  • Different ways you can upgrade your site


We’ve been developing exclusively using Umbraco since 2008 and have been an Umbraco Certified Gold Partner since 2013. Find out more about why we chose Umbraco.

  • It's flexible.
  • It's easy to use for Designers, Developers and Editors.
  • It's extendable through APIs.


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