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Inheriting an Umbraco Site EBook

Inheriting an Umbraco Site

For Marketers who have recently inherited an Umbraco site.

  • Understand what you've inherited
  • Cover practicalities such as logging into Umbraco and making content changes
  • Learn what Umbraco is capable of achieving for marketers
  • Understand if your current site remains fit for purpose


We’ve been developing exclusively using Umbraco since 2008 and have been an Umbraco Certified Gold Partner since 2013. Find out more about why we chose Umbraco.

  • It's flexible.
  • It's easy to use for Designers, Developers and Editors.
  • It's extendable through APIs.


Marketer using Umbraco


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Today saw the production release of a significant new version of Umbraco CMS.  Umbraco 8.7 releases a number of much anticipated new features for the .NET based CMS, including a…

Skrift article series: Exploring common practice

I'm interested in demonstrating some common practice and use cases for Umbraco, and have agreed in principle to a series of 4 Skrift articles where I'll collaborate with volunteers to…

Can Umbraco deal with new privacy laws in Brazil

Privacy is important to many consumers and new laws in Brazil, which follow those in Europe and California, mean that it is important for Marketers and Heads of Digital who…

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