Hosting and support

You've chosen Umbraco as your CMS of choice, and now you're looking for a partner who can support you with the business as usual of running a website.  You want a partner that advise on hosting platforms, undertake regular maintenance and maybe even regular minor changes.  You want a safe pair of hands.  Hi!  We're Carbon Six Digital, we can definitely help you with that.

We've worked with many of our clients for the decade we've been using Umbraco.  We value deep, long lasting relationships.  We're totally process focussed, which means that you can rely on us to ensure the stability of your hosting platform, and that changes are implemented when you need them, and in a reliable way.

Hosting Umbraco

We've undertaken Umbraco hosting on many platforms including:

  • Umbraco Cloud
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Rackspace
  • Fasthosts
  • UKFast

We've been around the block a few times, which means we know a few things about hosting.  We know how to get your site up and running quickly and how to resolve issues should they arise.

We typically work with clients who procure their own hosting, in which case we will provide advice and guidance on architecture, costs and capacity management, as well as undertake provisioning and routine maintenance.

We also have our own Shared Umbraco Hosting Platform which can provide low cost, reliable Umbraco hosting on Amazon Web Services.

Support and maintenance

We provide support and maintenance for Umbraco sites.  Covering investigation and resolution of issues, as well as regular maintenance and minor changes.  We provide support for our own sites, as well as for sites developed by third-parties.

Beyond our 90-Day Development Warranty, support is provided either:

  • On a SLA backed contractual basis - normally M-F 9am-5.30pm excluding Bank Holidays with a 4-hour response time; or
  • Ad-hoc as and when you need help - where support is provided on a reasonable endeavours basis;

In either case the process is the same.  Clients can make a support request by calling us, emailing or using our Support Portal.  We will then triage the issue, and set your expectations as to what our plan for resolution is.  

Our process

Why do you always get great service at Waitrose?  Why does a Big Mac always taste the same?  Great processes.

The reliability of our IT Services is critical to us, so we use a series of processes to manage our IT Operations processes using the industry standard ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library) Process.  We have processes for Incident, Problem, Change and Release Management, and we make sure that we adhere to them.

This means that you can rely on your website to be available, and for maintenance and change to be delivered in a consistent way.

Case study: PulseMove

We've worked with Pulse Fitness since 2014 on the PulseMove Connected Fitness System.  As well as developing their Web and Mobile Apps we also manage the IT Infrastructure underlying the platform. 

With Gym Operator clients and end-users joining the platform regularly across continents it was vital to Pulse to have a flexible hosting platform.  We recommended Amazon Web Services to Pulse, as it provided a very reliable, flexible architecture.  We now manage servers in Ireland, South Korea and China, undertaking server provisioning, maintenance, and capacity management.

What next?

If you need help with Umbraco right now, then just email We can offer immediate assistance even if you don't have a support contract in place with us right now.

If you're need is a little less urgent, and you want to talk to someone about hosting, support or maintenance of your Umbraco-powered website then call us on 01276 817465, email or use our chat window at the bottom of the screen.

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