When Umbraco is integrated with your companies SAML Single Sign on infrastructure your site visitors benefit by having one less password to remember, and your site becomes more secure and easier to manage.  We've developed SAML Integrations for many companies, and can advise on SAML integration architectures and implement security plug-ins on new sites as well as retro-fitting existing sites.


Umbraco SAML Integration FAQs

What is Single Sign-on?

Single Sign On is a loose term applied to systems that enable users to login (authenticate in the technical terms) using a single username and password across a number of systems.  Single sign-on systems such as SAML can also enable authorisation facts and rules to be managed centrally, enabling access to systems to be set or more importantly revoked across a number of systems.

What is SAML?

The Security Assertion Markup Language is an XML based protocol that enables systems such as Umbraco, Office 365 or other web based systems to delegate User Authentication and Authorisation to a 3rd Party System known as an Identity Provider.  SAML supports Single-Sign On actions, i.e. a user can log into multiple systems with one set of credentials, as well as Single Log Out actions, i.e. a user can be automatically logged out of multiple systems from just one system.

Does Umbraco support SAML Single Sign-on?

Natively Umbraco doesn't support SAML Single Sign-on.  However, we have developed bespoke integrations for a many clients which support SAML Single Sign-on using identity providers such as Ping Federate, Okta and Lastpass.

Can you support Multi-tenanted SAML environments in Umbraco?

We have developed both single-tenanted SAML environments, where all Umbraco Members authenticate against a single SAML Identity Provider, as well as multi-tenanted SAML environments, where different Umbraco Members authenticate against different SAML Identity Providers.

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Integrating SAML Single Sign On into Umbraco

Tuesday, 06 June 2017
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