When Umbraco is integrated with your company's SAML Single Sign On infrastructure your site visitors benefit by having one less password to remember, and your site becomes more secure and easier to manage.  IT staff can quickly and easily adding, removing, and manage users and their online activity.

We've developed Umbraco SAML Integrations for many companies, and can advise on SAML integration architectures and implement security plug-ins on new Umbraco sites as well as retro-fitting existing sites.

Benefits of SAML Single Sign On

SAML Single Sign On makes Umbraco sites safer because:

  • Users have fewer passwords to remember, so they're less likely to write down passwords;
  • Identity Providers can use strong authentication, such as Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), which isn't supported in Umbraco;
  • Access to Umbraco can be revoked easily when an employee leaves an organisation, reducing the likelihood of misuse or data breaches by ex-employees.

While, natively, Umbraco doesn't support SAML, Carbon Six Digital has developed SAML based integrations with systems including Ping Identity, Okta and Last Pass.  We're able to develop bespoke packages for clients that take into account their particular SAML requirements including:

  • Identity Provider Initiated (IdP Initiated) or Service Provider Initiated (SP Initiated) Single Sign On;
  • Support for Single Sign Out;
  • Support for SAML SSO Umbraco Members and Users;
  • Support for multiple Identity Providers, so called Multi-tenanted SAML environments;
  • Automated provisioning of new users; and
  • Mapping user assertions to Umbraco security group permissions.




SAML and Single Sign On can be confusing, read our FAQs to find out more about how SAML makes Umbraco sites safer.


Harwood's boost employee productivity with SSO

When Carbon Six Digital built a new Umbraco Intranet for Harwood's Group, a privately owned premium automotive retail brand in the South of England, Harwood's chose to implement SAML Single Sign On using Okta to reduce complexity and boost productivity.

Watch Carbon Six Digital Technical Director Paul Marden talk about the Harwoods Project at Umbraco Poland Festival.

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