Why Umbraco?

We’ve been developing websites exclusively using Umbraco since 2008 and have been an Umbraco Certified Platinum Partner since 2023.  But why did we choose Umbraco, and more importantly why should you?


We love Umbraco because...

  • it’s flexible;
  • it integrates well with marketing and business systems;
  • it supports agile processes for marketeers and developers;
  • it can be extended through APIs;
  • it's easy for Editors;
  • it’s fully GDPR compliant; and
  • IT'S FREE.

Read our ode to Umbraco, which we wrote to celebrate Valentines Day 2019.

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New to Umbraco?

If you're new to Umbraco you may find our guide written for Marketers who have inherited an Umbraco site will help you get up to speed on Umbraco's key features.

Download our guide for new Umbraco Users


Is your CMS getting you down?

We meet a lot of clients who are simply unhappy with the features of their CMS, or are frustrated because their day to day job is just made more difficult because it's too hard to edit their site. 

  • You may be on an old platform like Immediacy or Adobe Business Catalyst in which case a migration can make a real difference;
  • You may have outgrown a more modern platform like Wordpress, Squarespace or Wix.

Why Choose an Umbraco Platinum Partner?

Being an Umbraco Platinum Partner means more than just a logo - its a guarantee that you’re working with a team well-versed and technically experienced to work efficiently with Umbraco.



Platinum Partner status is an independent measure of the knowledge acquired by a Partner. All Platinum Partners must employ at least two staff with a minimum of 400 certification points. Our team includes Certified Umbraco Masters - the highest level of expertise - as well as Umbraco Developers. We’re constantly investing in skills development through the Platinum Partner Academy, through apprenticeship training and via conferences and meetups.


With a direct line to Umbraco HQ, Platinum Partners have access to priority support and architectural advice and can request bug-fixes under a guaranteed SLA, meaning that we offer enhanced service to our clients with solutions that can make a real difference.

Umbraco Platinum Partner status also holds benefits for our clients. We have unlimited access to productivity boosting add-ons sold by Umbraco (such as Forms, Courier and Umbraco.tv) and plugins such as SEO Checker and CMS Import. Carbon Six Digital are able to offer these on projects where they would be beneficial, resulting in a cost saving on additional licence costs to our clients.


Umbraco Community and HQ Engagement

The Umbraco community is very active and we love being part of it. There are currently over 220,000 pro-active, talented and helpful members worldwide, each contributing to Umbraco directly and through add-ons, testing and influencing the product roadmap.

We also like to give back.

  • Our team regularly contributes to Umbraco development through sharing of new code and documentation;
  • We’re an active contributor to Umbraco community publications including 24Days.In, Skrift, Community Corner and other written materials;
  • We regularly speak and present on Umbraco based topics at events and conferences including the annual Codegarden, Umbraco UK Festival, Poland Festival, USFest, CODECABIN and the Umbraco Spark Innovation Conference;
  • We’re proud to have contributed to the organisation of early Umbraco events such as TVUUG and UK Festivals, and organise the Surrey Umbraco Meetups bringing together experts from the South East region to discuss the latest developments in the Umbraco ecosystem;
  • We attend Partner Summits to influence the product roadmap.


Start a Conversation with Our Expert Team 

Now you know why we love Umbraco so much (and why you should too); whether you have a site that is currently built on Umbraco or you want to migrate it over, then why not get in touch with our team to see how we can help? Our experienced Umbraco developer can build a website for your business that really delivers on your objectives and goals. Find out more about our Umbraco web development services. 

Alternatively, you can learn more about the CMS in our ultimate guide to Umbraco. 


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