Design Process

The design of the systems we build is deeply important to the outcomes you achieve. The ease with which end users can achieve their goals, directly influences the likelihood of success.

With that in mind we actively engage in the design process, regardless of whether the design is in scope of work we are commissioned to deliver or if we are working with your own team of designers. During Alpha we will set out to achieve the following tasks:

  • Business analysis - early in the project we will ensure that we fully understand the business domain that the site is serving. This involves analysis of the functional requirements of the site to ensure a full understanding of the specific business language in use, as well as the business rules that apply to the business domain. After undertaking a detailed analysis of the key site content on the site we will devise an hierarchy, taxonomy and tagging strategy for the site.
  • Wireframing - where visual design is included in the scope of the site, we will use wireframing tools, such as Balsamiq and Adobe XD, to produce an interactive prototype of the site, enabling end users to give early feedback on the expected design. Critical to the Information Architecture and Wireframing is the key templates we will develop, audience personas and needs.
  • Visual design - we will undertake the production of visual designs, on an agreed set of design templates, as pixel perfect designs using Photoshop and/or Sketch, these are provided to the client and amends made;

Upon successful completion of the Visual Design during our Alpha Phase, these designs are then used during our Beta Phase to build the final system.



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