Advanced Apprentice Software Developer (Level 3)


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Our Advanced Apprentice Software Developer (Level 3) role is targeted at anyone looking to start a career in software development or those wanting to change to a career in the field. Our Apprentices specialise in either Web Development using .Net or Mobile Development using Java.

An award winning mix of on-the-job learning and classroom training means that you'll build valuable experience, earn a decent living and gain vital, industry recognised, qualifications.

This is an entry level role that provides a great opportunity to develop digital skills while working on real-world projects in a technical role as a Software Developer. Apprentices get involved in a wide range of activities core to our business including the design, development and support of web technologies. Explore our Sectors section to learn more about who we work with and what we do.  


The Job

We have high expectations for our Apprentices. Not only do you need to be clever, sociable and self-motivated, but from day one you’ll be a key part of our production team and fundamental to the growth and success of the business. Your role at Carbon Six Digital will include:


  • Working full-time on coding and programming
  • Working on software development projects and tasks
  • Actively writing code in at least one programming language
  • Working with, and connecting to, databases


  • Basic testing of code


  • Basic user interface design


There’s no such thing as a typical day. You’ll be involved in a variety of work from building websites to supporting our customers in exploiting the tools that we build. It's not unusual for an early stage Apprentice to be undertaking support and maintenance of our existing sites. Mid-year Apprentices will often be planning and undertaking testing of complex web or mobile applications, or delivering small modules of bigger projects. Near-qualified Apprentices will often be using their knowledge, skills and experience to be developing considerable parts of complex projects.

We provide great induction and support during your initial weeks to get you started, so that you can get hands on and client-facing as soon as you and we have the confidence that you can make a difference.


The Learning

Apprenticeships are a blended mix of on-the-job training and 8 weeks worth of classroom-based learning. You can choose to specialise in one of two programme tracks - Java for mobile apps or C# for web apps. Depending on your track, you’ll master six hands-on knowledge modules:


Mobile Development Track:

  • Induction and Java Fundamentals
  • Intermediate Java
  • Web Fundamentals
  • JavaScript, JQuery and AngularJS
  • SQL and Data Modelling
  • Systems Development Basics



Web Development Track:

  • Induction and C# Fundamentals
  • Intermediate C#
  • Web Fundamentals
  • SQL and Data Modelling
  • Systems Development Basics


The Rewards

Apprentices benefit in so many ways from the investment they make in their career. By the end of the Apprenticeship you will have gained the skills and technical grounding to design, test and maintain software and web systems. You’ll be able to identify and understand the end user of your software and assist development to ensure that it operates effectively and supports productivity.

We’re committed to the growth of our Apprentices, and that’s why right from the start you’ll be able to earn while you learn. From day one you’ll receive a permanent contract, an annual starting salary of £10,000 and 28 days’ holiday.

In addition, on successful completion of the programme, you’ll gain the following qualifications:


    • Software Development Technician Level 3 (equivalent to A level)


    • Industry recognised qualifications:
      • Oracle Certified Associate, Java SE 8 Programmer (mobile development track), or
      • Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) Software Development Fundamentals (web development track)



    The expected time for completion of the Apprenticeship is 1-2 years, with the majority of candidates taking 13-15 months. Not only will you come away with an industry recognised qualification but you will also have a full-time job providing a springboard for further development, whether that’s growing into the role that you have or applying for the Degree Apprentice Software Developer (Level 6) role.


    Core Requirements

    Candidates wishing to undertake the Advanced Apprentice Software Developer (Level 3) role must be able to demonstrate good analytical, creative and logical reasoning skills. An interest and enthusiasm for technology is essential.


    You must:  

    • have a valid passport/birth certificate/residence permit and NI number
    • have lived in the UK and/or EU for 3 years prior to the Apprenticeship start date


    The following prior qualifications must also be met:

    • 5 GCSEs (or equivalent) in any subject at grades A-C
    • GCSE Maths (or equivalent) at grade A-C
    • GCSE English (or equivalent) at grade D or above
    • not hold a qualification at the same or higher level in a similar subject


    The Future

    Our Advanced Apprentice Software Developer (Level 3) role is an investment in the future. It's the beginning of a career in Software Engineering recognised by industry employers as a reliable first step.

    The next step in our technical career path is our Degree Apprentice Software Developer (Level 6) role which could see you deepen your technical or management skills, gaining a BSc (Hons) Degree in Digital and Technology Solutions or a BA (Hons) in Management Practice from the Open University. All while continuing in a full-time job at Carbon Six Digital.


    Next Steps

    If you're interested in starting your career in technology through the Advanced Apprentice Software Developer (Level 3) role at Carbon Six Digital we’d love to hear from you. Apply via Indeed we’ll either invite you to a telephone interview as a first step or give you honest feedback on how you can improve your chances.


    What Our Apprentices Say…

    What led you to a Level 3 Software Developer Apprenticeship?

    In my last year at Farnborough Sixth Form college I began searching for alternatives to university as I was concerned about rising tuition fees and student loan debt. I found Carbon Six Digital advertising a Developer Apprenticeship role in the jobs section of the VLE and applied immediately. I’ve always been interested in computers from an early age and when studying at college, found myself drawn to the design and build of websites. The main appeal of an Apprenticeship was that I could continue to study and build my knowledge within a work environment, putting theory into practice and gaining invaluable experience along the way.

    What do you think helped get you the job?

    Having had no experience with designing or building websites, or even written a single piece of code, I believe my academic achievements and attitude were the reason I got the job. Having high predicted grades when applying and then achieving those before joining the team, were significant factors in my employability.

    What were the most valuable skills you learnt during the Apprenticeship?

    Communication, team-working, problem solving and decision making - all valuable skills that presented themselves in real-world scenarios during my Apprenticeship. I learnt to build on these skills during my monthly one-to-one review meetings and am still improving those skills today. This is exactly why I chose the Apprenticeship: it allows you to build on those skills in a workplace environment which is something I feel is limited at university.

    What work have you been most proud of at Carbon Six Digital while on your Apprenticeship?

    I designed, built and delivered a fully functioning e-commerce solution for a drawing management systems specialist.

    What has happened since you finished the Level 3 Apprenticeship?

    Since I’ve finished the Level 3 Apprenticeship, I was promoted to a .NET developer role which involves leading and delivering on projects for all our clients. It also involves coaching the next generation of Apprentice Developers. In October 2018 I started a Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship delivered by the Open University where I’m learning new skills related to business and management practice as well as developing my career as a .NET developer.

    What's next for you?

    I plan to graduate in October 2021. Achieving a degree whilst working full-time as a developer has been my goal since I started at Carbon Six Digital. I also plan to develop my career further by taking on new responsibilities and applying what I will have learnt in my Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship into my role.


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