The Security Assertion Markup Language is an XML based protocol that enables systems such as Umbraco, Office 365 or other web based systems to delegate User Authentication and Authorisation to a 3rd Party System known as an Identity Provider. 

About SAML

SAML supports Single-Sign On actions, i.e. a user can log into multiple systems with one set of credentials, as well as Single Log Out actions, i.e. a user can be automatically logged out of multiple systems from just one system.

Carbon Six Digital have considerable experience of integrating SAML Single Sign On systems, such as Ping Identity, Okta and LastPass, into Umbraco. 

Find out more about our SAML SSO Integration Package.

Want to know more about SAML in Umbraco?  Read our case study of how we helped Harwoods Group integrate Umbraco into their corporate single sign on infrastructure.


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