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Are you looking for a career in computing or IT, but want to learn in a practical way - set free of the classroom? Are you ambitious, self motivated and enthusiastic about technology? Do you want to earn a decent living, not rack up £27,000 of debt over the next three years before you even start earning?

If you found yourself shouting YES at the screen, then a technology focused Apprenticeship might be for you.

Read on to find out more about us, our award winning Apprenticeship programme, current opportunities and where an Apprenticeship with Carbon Six Digital could take you.


Why follow the Apprenticeship path?

It’s not that we think the traditional university route is a bad idea. On the contrary, many of us have been to university, loved the experience and found it really valuable.

But there are some very serious shortcomings. A full-time Computing degree is likely to cost up to £27,000, and in many cases won’t give you the skills that employers are looking for. This can make it harder for you to find employment that best exploits the investment you’ve made.

At Carbon Six Digital we believe that there's another way. We've developed an award winning Apprenticeship programme to give you on-the-job training enabling you to develop the knowledge, skills and experience that employers are looking for. In many cases you'll also have the opportunity to obtain industry qualifications with companies such as Microsoft and Oracle. You’ll get all of this, plus a reasonable salary and your training costs will be paid for.



Software Developer Apprenticeships at Carbon Six Digital

We recruit throughout the year for our Software Developer Apprenticeship roles:  

These are targeted at anyone looking to start a career in software development or those wanting to change to a career in the field. 

Applications are now open for our apprenticeship programme to start in January 2023 or Summer 2023.

Our Advanced Apprentice Software Developers (Level 3) specialise in Web Development. Apprentices get involved in a wide range of activities including the design, development and support of web technologies. Click here to get the full job and training details.

Our Degree Apprentice Software Developers (Level 6) specialise in either software development or management practice. Click here to get the full job and training details.

These are both entry level vacancies that provide a great opportunity to develop digital and management skills while working on real-world projects in a technical role. Apprentices get involved in a wide range of activities core to our business including the design, development and support of web technologies. 

An award winning mix of on-the-job learning and classroom training means that you'll build valuable experience, earn a decent living and gain industry recognised qualifications.


How to land an Apprenticeship

We've met a lot of candidates and sifted through a lot of CVs. We know it's hard for candidates to stand out from the crowd for the right reasons. 

But it's critical to do your research, make a good first impression and show any prospective employer that you offer what they need.

We regularly attend Apprenticeship, Training, and Careers events across the South East of England. As part of this we run Drop-In CV Clinics where we'll give advice on ways to improve your CV and improve the way you present yourself to prospective employers. We also offer Mock Interviews where you can hone your skills following our real-life interview structure.


Step 1
Do your

  • Find out about the different Apprenticeships available.
  • Find out about the training providers that specialise in your target field.
  • Research the employers that are offering positions.

Step 2
Stand out
from the crowd

  • Your CV is your opportunity to stand out from the crowd: ask someone to review it, ideally someone used to sifting through Apprentice level CVs.

Step 3
your enthusiasm

  • We're looking for candidates with an interest and enthusiasm in technology.
  • Show us you care - get a part time job, develop a hobby app, or blog about the latest games or tech.
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