Amnesty International Umbraco Health Check

When a leading international client decided to transfer the support for their highly trafficked website from their existing supplier to a new Umbraco Gold Partner, they commissioned us to review it first.

Carbon Six Digital's Solution

We performed an Umbraco site health check found that the site was essentially sound, and well built in accordance with Umbraco best practice. But we were able to highlight significant weaknesses around processes and controls, as well as a lack of clarity about who was responsible for which elements of support. This meant there was a significant risk of delays in restoring the system if it was hit by a significant event. Our report was then used by the client to commence a process to procure new development partners for their site.

What our client said

"Carbon Six Digital carried out a health check of our Umbraco website. This was somewhat challenging given the lack of existing documentation, and logistical challenges with providing access to the full source code. Carbon Six Digital were very professional in their approach and provided a level of detail and insight that went beyond our expectations given the cost and length of the engagement. This gave us a much better picture of the state of our website, allowing us to plan our support and development road map in a way that wasn't possible prior to the review."



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