Managing 301 Redirects in Umbraco

URL changes are a fact of life - a page will get created and then moved to another section the site. When page URLs change, the users following now broken links will see a 404 page, and any accumulated SEO link credit will be lost when Google can no longer find the page. The use of 301 Permanent Redirects is Google's recommended way for sites to redirect users seamlessly to the new page, and for Google SEO credit to transfer to the newly named page.

Umbraco's 301 redirect manager automatically creates a Permanent Redirect whenever a page has its name changed in Umbraco. This requires no intervention by Devs or Editors.

A number of third party packages for Umbraco include 301 Redirect Features which extend these page rename redirects, including SEO Checker which enables URLs to be uploaded via Excel Xlsx and CSV files to facilitate batch upload of redirects, typically during site migrations, and also a 404 monitor which detects broken links on the site and easily enables editors to create new redirects for them.

How We Can Help 

As specialist Umbraco developers, we can provide your business with ongoing Umbraco support to ensure all re-directs are implemented correctly. Start a conversation with our team, today. 

Why choose Umbraco?

Ease of management of 301s is just one of the many reasons why we love Umbraco as a CMS and DXP. Discover the other reasons we love Umbraco like Grid Based Editing and Group Based Permissions.

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