In recent years a number of CMS Products that were in widespread use have been discontinued by their providers.  When you're looking for a replacement toolkit, perhaps because you're refreshing your website or because you need to change the underlying platform to maintain supportability then Umbraco is a sensible option.

Why choose Umbraco?

There are so many things to love about Umbraco, almost too many to mention.  But just some of the reasons we love it so are:

  • Umbraco is Open Source - that means it's free to use, free to download, free forever;
  • Umbraco is a designers dream parter as it doesn't get in the way of your designs;
  • Umbraco is built on Windows technology - meaning that many businesses with an investment in technology can use their skills to host, manage and even develop on Umbraco;
  • Umbraco is widely used - it's the most popular .NET CMS in the world with millions of websites running on it;
  • Umbraco has a strong ecosystem of packages, developers and partners.

Alterian Immediacy End of Life

While Alterian Immediacy has been in end-of-life care for nearly 10 years now, there are still a small number of sites on their .NET based CMS.  After a comprehensive assessment our client JNCC, an agency of DEFRA, chose Umbraco as their replacement CMS of choice.

Disappointed by Adobe Business Catalyst?

When Adobe announced the end of support for the Business Catalyst Platform many businesses were left without a CMS and critically a hosting partner.  Break free from the shackles of proprietary software and hosting, and move your Business Catalyst site to the open, free world of Umbraco.

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