Did you get that sinking feeling when you saw the End of Life announcement from Adobe about Muse and Business Catalyst? Don't quite know which way to turn next? Our team at Carbon Six Digital can help you transition from Adobe Business Catalyst to Umbraco - the leading Content Management System.

We've been working as a White Labelled partner to Design Agencies for a decade - we know a thing or two about our chosen tool kit, and also how to keep our Agency Partners happy.  We have an established process that can see us migrate existing BC sites to Umbraco with little intervention from you. We can also work with you on new projects going from Pixel Perfect PSDs to a fully working Umbraco site in no time at all.


Why use Umbraco?

For site Editor’s it's a dream to use, making it super easy for them to curate great content.

For Designer’s Umbraco's crucial difference is that is doesn't get in the way of your designs. There's no pre-canned templates that hamper your design - there's no requirement to design a certain way. If your idea can be coded in HTML, CSS and JavaScript it can be hosted in Umbraco.

Don't want to be a hostage to your toolkit again?

Right now you're probably feeling a bit punch drunk. Having Adobe rip the rug out from under you was probably more than a little disconcerting.  Our answer - don't be a hostage again to a closed system. Umbraco is grown-up, business-ready software.  There's a great team in Denmark supporting the software, but because it's Open Source you can use it for free.

By working with an Umbraco Gold Partner like Carbon Six Digital, you get a fully SLA backed support package to ensure that project breaking bugs caused by the CMS are fixed quickly.

By using industry standard hosting tools you're no longer reliant on a closed Adobe system that can be withdrawn at any time.  You can host an Umbraco site on any Microsoft Windows based server, including Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Rackspace, Fasthosts, UKFast to name but a few. 

Umbraco also has a well established cloud based hosting option (Umbraco Cloud) enabling you to:

  • Host on Umbraco Cloud - giving you the quickest and easiest hosting route;
  • Host on your own Cloud servers - perhaps using Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure, giving you the greatest control; or
  • Let us host for you on our shared Umbraco servers - balancing ease with control.

So now you have a choice of hosting options giving control back to you.

What next?

If you'd like to talk to us more about migrating from Adobe Business Catalyst to Umbraco then fill in your details below and one of our team will get in contact as soon as possible.  Alternatively give us a call on 01276 817465.

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