Alterian Immediacy was a leader in the CMS space until 2010 when Alterian announced they were ending development of the platform.  At this point there are a number of sites still running on Immediacy, but these are coming to the end of their useful lives and organisations are looking to new web content management system.  Finding a new digital platform which is modern, supportable and leverages existing skill sets is a challenge.  

Umbraco is the most popular Content Management System on the Microsoft .NET platform, and shares many similarities with Immediacy.  Moving to Umbraco leverages existing skills at the IT infrastructure level as they both use Microsoft Windows Server, IIS and SQL Server, and also at the developer level as they are both based on ASP.Net.


Why use Umbraco?

For site Editor’s it's a dream to use, making it super easy for them to curate great content.

For Designer’s Umbraco's crucial difference is that is doesn't get in the way of your designs. There's no pre-canned templates that hamper your design - there's no requirement to design a certain way. If your idea can be coded in HTML, CSS and JavaScript it can be managed in Umbraco.

Case study: JNCC Seabed Habitats Website

The Joint Nature Conservation Committee (JNCC) is the statutory adviser to the UK Government and devolved administrations on UK and international nature conservation. The European Marine Observation and Data Network (EMODnet) provides longterm access to highquality marine data covering all European coastal waters, shelf seas and surrounding ocean basins. JNCC is the leader of the Seabed Habitats Website.

After running the Seabed Habitats Website on Alterian Immediacy JNCC decided, in line with their corporate IT policy, to develop Phase 3 of the Seabed Habitats project on Umbraco. JNCC went through a competitive tendering process and selected Carbon Six to design and develop the new website.

Over the period of 2 weeks we undertook a detailed design exercise for the new site, including Information Architecture, Wireframing and Prototyping. We then developed the site using Umbraco 7, as well as Umbraco Forms and Courier. The site also integrates with JNCC's Geospatial Mapping Solution. 

In conjunction with JNCC's IT infrastructure team, we deployed the new site to JNCC's hosting infrastructure, using Umbraco Courier to enable Editors to edit content in a separate Editing environment before pushing content changes over to the externally hosted production system.

The project was delivered on time, with the first iteration of the site going live within 6 weeks of the initial project kickoff. JNCC have benefited from the modern editing environment that Umbraco provides, being much simpler, clearer and easier to use.

Tell us about your project

We love to help organisations with building new Umbraco sites, we can give advice and guidance as well as demos if you're interested in finding out more about the worlds most popular .NET CMS.  Fill in your details below and one of our team will get in contact as soon as possible.  If you prefer to write us a note, then send it to

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