Natively Umbraco doesn't support SAML Single Sign-on. However, it is possible to develop custom code to integrate Umbraco into a SAML Single Sign-on system.

We have developed bespoke integrations for clients which support SAML Single Sign-on using identity providers such as Ping Federate, Okta and Lastpass.

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Does Umbraco support IdP Initiated Single Sign On?

SAML Identity Provider Initiated Single Sign On is an SSO workflow where users first visit the SAML Identity Provider, prove their identity, and then follow a link to their Umbraco Website (the SAML Service Provider).  This is a very simple SAML Workflow that can be implemented in Umbraco, however, it doesn't enable Users to deep link to content which is protected in their Umbraco Website.

Does Umbraco support SP Initiated Single Sign On?

SAML Service Provider Initiated Single Sign On is an SSO workflow where users visit their Umbraco website and attempt to access procected content, they are then redirected to their Identity Provider (IdP) to prove their Identity Provider.  Once the Users identity is confirmed the IdP should redirect the User back to Umbraco along with a SAML Assertion which confirms the Users identity and may optionally include claims which can be evaluated by Umbraco to grant permissions. 

Because SP Intiated SSO usually supports deep linking, it is a more complex workflow but provides a much improved user experience.

Does Umbraco support Single Sign On with Multi Factor Authentication?

Many SAML Identity Providers, including Okta, offer comprehensive Multi Factor Authentication and SAML Single Sign On.  So it is perfectly possible for an Umbraco website to support Multi Factor Authentication.

What happens if you have users in different Identity Providers?

We've worked with clients where their Users are from different corporate entities each with their own Identity Provider.  This is completely achieveable in Umbraco and is known as a Multi-tenanted SAML integration.

Want to know more about SAML in Umbraco?  Read our case study of how we helped Harwoods Group integrate Umbraco into their corporate single sign on infrastructure.


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